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What is a Wiki?

Link to Person Centred Plan Wiki Template

What is a Wiki Website?

A Wiki Website is your very own secure, private website. You can add pictures, videos and sound clips to your Wiki Website to tell your story and share your successes, hopes and dreams.

This can help people you trust, to get to know you better. You can easily add new things to your Wiki Website.

You can see your Wiki Website on a computer, laptop, tablet (ipad) or even a phone. You need to have the internet to see and add things to your Wiki Website.

Why is called a Wiki?  Wiki means “quick” in the Hawaiian language.

 What does a Wiki look like?



It is really quick and easy to make a Wiki.  You don’t need lots of special equipment or software. Just a computer or tablet with an internet connection. A digital camera and microphone are also useful to record pictures and videos to add to your Wiki

To see some more examples:

Watch a video:

Examples of Wikis:

Other Local Authorities using Wikis

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