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Wandsworth Little Feet

If you smoke whilst your partner is pregnant, not only are you exposing her to your second hand smoke, you are also exposing your unborn child to it, increasing the risk of miscarriage, still birth, poor development and cot death.

More information on smoking and pregnancy can be found here

Information on how to become smoke free in Wandsworth can be found at Somefree Wandsworth.

You can also help your partner to become smoke free by

  • Being sympathetic and supportive whilst she gives up smoking
  • Removing any reminders of smoking from around the house
  • Not smoking around her
  • Asking friends and family not to smoke around her

There are a number of drop-in clinics for people who want to give up smoking in Wandsworth click here for dates and times.

Alternatively you can call the Wandsworth Stop Smoking Service on 0800 389 7921

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