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Education Health and Care Plan Documents

The education, health and care working group has worked together with parents to review and refine key documentation about assessing and identifying special educational needs. These are under "Useful Downloads".

The education, health and care needs assessment forms have been revised and a SEND Information handbook produced to accompany the documents.

The handbook is designed as a guide to the process of assessment and identification of special educational needs including SEN support and an Education, Health and Care Needs assessment.  (The handbook has links to a range of appendices, these can be opened by right clicking on the paperclip icon and choosing "Open File".)

All the new forms, leaflets and other appendices are attached below the handbook.   

The new forms should be used for NEW requests or EHC needs assessments (including Transfers from a Statement to an EHC Plan) from 13 April 2016 on.

The education, health and care working group hope that this will be helpful and assist in the work of all of those involved in the identification and assessment of children and young people with special educational needs and/or a disability in the Borough.

Please send EHC needs assessment requests or EHCPs paperwork to:

Special Needs Assessment Section, Town Hall Extension, Wandsworth High Street, SW18 2PU. 

Email  or call 020 8871 8061

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020 8871 7899
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