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Buying additional hours of nursery education in Wandsworth's Primary Schools

All children are entitled to a free, good quality, part-time nursery place from the September, January or April following their third birthday. 

Starting in September 2015,  some of Wandsworth’s maintained and academy schools are able to offer parents and/or carers  the option to pay to “top up” their child’s part time nursery place to a full time place.

If after allocation of all part-time place requests, vacancies remain at these schools , parents may buy the vacancy and convert a part time place to a full time place.  Should these full time places be oversubscribed,  the published admission criteria of the particular school will be applied.  The cost of these additional places may vary and are published on the Schools' websites.

At these schools, subject to availability,  your child can have 15 hours a week of free nursery education and you then pay for the additional 15 hours.

The following schools are offering this to support working parents.  Links take you to their nursery top up fee information.

Choosing Nursery Education in Wandsworth includes information on free places in the state, voluntary and independent sector.

The closing date for applications for nursery places within a primary school in September 2017 is Friday 10 February 2017. 

Contact the nursery direct for more information and an application pack.

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