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Children's Safety and Protection

Early Help Hub

All practitioners have a responsibility to safeguard children from harm and act as soon as they identify a child at risk.  The risk could be not meeting the development milestones, health issues going unchecked or risk of significant harm, physically and/or emotionally or due to neglect.  

Safeguarding children is not only the responsibility of Children’s Specialist Services.  Early signs of neglect or rough treatment need to be responded to through an Early Help Assessment (EHA) and Team Around the Child (TAC), in addition to the targeted support that many universal services can put in place for vulnerable children.  We also have a range of commissioned and voluntary services that can support children and families to identify risk and find ways to improve what is happening for the child or young person.

If at any time you believe a child is at risk from significant harm an immediate referral to the MASH must be made.

Safeguarding and CP concerns

If you feel that a child is at risk of harm you must refer the child to the Children Specialist Services MASH, if you already have an EHA please do this through the EHITS service referral function, if not you will need to phone 020 8871 6622 to make the referral and you will be asked to follow this up within 24 hours with an EHA*.  Clearly state what you are asking the service to do and ensure that you have consent from the parent or young person to share the EHA with the proposed service.

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