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The antenatal team is made up of several different people who specialize in the care of pregnant women.

Midwives -

Are specialists in normal pregnancy and birth. For most women midwives provide the majority of care during pregnancy. If you have a straightforward pregnancy, the midwife will usually deliver your baby.

Obstetricians -

Are doctors who specialize in the care of pregnant women. You may be referred to an obstetrician if you have had previous pregnancies that have been complicated. The midwife may also refer you to an obstetrician if you have a long term condition or if they have any other concerns about your health during pregnancy.

A sonographer -

Is the name given to the person who does ultrasound scans. You will meet the sonographer when you go for scans during pregnancy.

Physiotherapists -

Specialize in helping women cope with the physical changes of pregnancy. They are available to help women during pregnancy and after the birth.

Paediatricians -

Are doctors who specialize in the care of babies and children. There may be a paediatrician present at the birth if you have had a difficult labour. A paediatrician may also check your baby after it is born to make sure it is healthy. Should you or the pediatrician have any concerns about your baby, you will be able to discuss this with them. 

Dietitians -

Are available to advise women on maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy, particularly if you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes.

Health visitors -

Are nurses with further training to help them care for children and their families. The health visitor will arrange to visit you at home when your baby is about 10 days old. As you baby gets older, you may see your health visitor at home, in a clinic or at your GP’s surgery depending on where they are based. Your health visitor will be there to offer advice and information on many aspects of your child’s growth and development as well as support regarding parental health issues such as postnatal depression, family planning and giving up smoking.


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