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Where can I give birth?

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Depending on your health during pregnancy, you may have a number of choices about where to give birth. Your midwife will be able to offer you advice and information about the choices available to you.

Some women would prefer to give birth at home rather than in a hospital. If you have had a straightforward pregnancy, you may wish to discuss this option with your midwife. If you have had a more complicated pregnancy, your doctors and midwives may advise you against a home birth and suggest that hospital would be a safer place to have your baby.

Women who have had an uncomplicated pregnancy and who want to give birth naturally without an epidural may wish to give birth in a midwifery- led unit. These units are often based within hospital sites so that women can be transferred for medical care should any difficulties arise during labour.

Some women choose to give birth in hospital under the care of a maternity team made up of midwives and doctors. Your midwife may suggest this option if you require certain types of pain relief during labour such as an epidural. You may also be advised to give birth in hospital if you have had medical problems or complications during pregnancy or if it is thought that you or your baby requires close monitoring during labour.

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