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Feelings and relationships

Wandsworth Little Feet

From the minute you know you are pregnant, things begin to change. Your feelings change: feelings about yourself, about the baby, about your future. Your relationships change: with your partner, other children and also with your parents and friends. Coping with these changes is not always easy.

Visit the mental health and pregnancy page for information on the ‘baby blues’ and postnatal depression. This page looks at symptoms, who to go to for support and provides information on Wandsworth postnatal support groups (please ring to confirm dates and times).

For a film on postnatal depression click here

The sex and contraception page looks at the importance of contraception after the birth of your baby, you can become pregnant again even when breastfeeding!

The page on domestic abuse provides lots of services, both in the Wandsworth borough and nationally, which you can call or email to gain support.

Also visit NHS Choices for more information on

  • Worries about the birth

  • Your partner, family and friends

  • Coping if you are alone

  • Bereavement

Domestic violence

Domestic abuse is experienced by 1 in 4 women at some point in their lives. For some women pregnancy can be a more vulnerable time. Almost a third of domestic abuse begins during pregnancy and existing abuse may worsen. Gaining help and support and reporting domestic violence is not only beneficial for mothers but also for their unborn child. For more information visit

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