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Forced Marriage Guidance and FMPOs

Most forced marriages take place abroad. If you are travelling overseas and worried that you may be forced into a marriage, before you leave:

  • Give a photocopy of your passport, travel plans, details of where you’re staying, your parents’ details and a photograph of yourself to someone you trust or to Karma Nirvana
  • Ask them to contact the Forced Marriage Unit or British embassy in the country you are visiting if they do not hear from you by a specific time
  • E-mail yourself a copy of your passport, travel tickets, UK addresses and telephone numbers so you have full access to this abroad if you need it
  • Try to take a phone with you that works abroad and some local currency for emergencies. Keep this hidden
  • Visit to find details of the local British embassy to your place of travel before you leave

If you are being taken abroad against your will, don’t be afraid to call 999

Forced Marriage Protection Orders

You may want to consider taking out a Forced Marriage Protection Order (FMPO). These are individually written, for you, and issued by a court for your protection against a forced marriage. They can order someone to disclose your location or hand your passport in to prevent your travel abroad.

You can take out an FMPO by yourself or through the police or social services.

The nearest court to Wandsworth which can issue an FMPO is:

Central Family Court
First Avenue House
42-49 High Holborn
Tel: 0207 947 6000

To download relevant FMPO forms, please click here to be redirected to HM Courts & Tribunals website and type ‘forced marriage’ into the search box.

For more information contact the Community Safety Division on 020 8871 6437