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School Uniform Support Scheme 2023

Wandsworth are pleased to launch our School Uniform Support Scheme again in 2023. We want to ensure support is available for Wandsworth residents in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM), who are moving into Reception and Year 7 in September 2023, to buy uniform for their new school. For those moving into Reception it will be a voucher of £40 and for those moving into Year 7, the voucher of £160 will be awarded.

We have identified all Wandsworth children who have applied for reception and secondary schools in Wandsworth, and we believe are eligible for Free School Meals, and you will be contacted by Friday 9 June 2023 with details on the scheme.

If you have not been contacted by 9 June, and think that you are eligible, please contact:

For those not currently at a Wandsworth school or if your child will not be attending a Wandsworth school

  • If your child is currently not in a nursery within a school, you can check if they are eligible for free school meal using the following (If you made an application for your child school place online you may already have access and a login to this portal).
  • If your child is going to an out of borough school, you will need to use the eligibility checker and provide confirmation from the checker to the Council to confirm eligibility.