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FGM Downloads and Updates

FGM Downloads and updates

The Wandsworth FGM Guidelines and Wandsworth FGM Strategy are no longer in use and are now archived. Please download the following document for further information:

Wandsworth FGM Updates May 2016 

All FGM Pathways have also been replaced with a single document. Download it below:

Wandsworth FGM Pathways (Mandatory Reporting and Safeguarding Duty)

  1. FGM Risk Identification Poster
  2. Guidance for GPs and practice nurses
  3. Guidance for schools (Metopolitan Police)
  4. (Archived) Wandsworth FGM Guidelines
  5. (Archived) Wandsworth FGM Strategy
  6. Stop Female Circumcision leaflet
  7. Female Genital Mutilation - advice for parents leaflet 
  8. Commissioning services to support women and girls with female genital mutilation