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Transitions Pathways - Moving from Children's to Adult's Services in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Council is committed to providing high quality care and support to all young people with learning difficulties, disabilities, mental health issues, and additional needs. As a local authority we want to ensure the transition into adulthood is smooth and straightforward for all young people who are eligible for council support.  Wandsworth Council and our partner agencies are committed to safeguarding children, adults, and vulnerable young people.

Please follow the links below to key documents uploaded on this page:

Transitions Pathways – Moving from Children’s to Adult’s Services

Wandsworth Transition Protocol

 Wandsworth Transition Protocol clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all of the agencies involved in the transition as well as identifying the actions that must occur at each stage in the transition from Moving from Children’s to Adult Services. This document lays out the actions that must be taken by each key organisation at each year from 14 onwards.

The purpose of developing a consistent local protocol for transitions is to ensure the responsibilities of each organisation are clear and unambiguous, to facilitate cooperation between organisations and to ensure young people and their families are kept well informed of what to expect during the transition process. This will help ensure that the transition into adulthood is smooth and straightforward for the young person and their family as well as the organisations involved.


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