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14-25 years old and worried about your education, health or social care?

Many young people ask their parents or carers for help if they are worried about things.  These are people who know you well.  But if you find it hard to speak to them about something, there are other people who can help.

If you are worried about your education

  • You can talk to someone at your school or college.  This could be your learning support assistant, teacher, learning mentor, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) or another person who you know and who knows you well.
  • Or, you can contact Wandsworth Information Advice and Support Service (WIASS) who can help you.  You can talk to them with or without your parents.
  • You might need to ask for help from the Schools and Community Psychology Service (SCPS).  This should be with help from your SENCO, or another professional who can use an Early Help Assessment. 

If you are worried about your health/mental health

If you are worried about your social care.

  • Speak to your carers, or
  • Speak to your social worker.