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School Uniform Support Scheme

We acknowledge that the last two years have been hard for everyone emerging from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we know that some families have been impacted more than others with the continued cost of living crisis.

Wandsworth are pleased to launch our School Uniform Support Scheme. We want to ensure support is available for Wandsworth residents, in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) and moving into Reception and Year 7 in Wandsworth Schools, before the beginning of the Autumn Term in September 2022.

This Voucher will be worth £31 if you are moving into reception and £150 if you are moving into secondary school.

We have identified all those children who have applied for reception and secondary school and if you were eligible for free school meals in nursery or Year 6, you will receive a voucher that you can redeem. See below how to redeem. 

If you are a Wandsworth resident and believe you are eligible for Free School Meals and have not received an email voucher, then please contact:

If you have not yet established whether your child is eligible for Free Schools Meals then you can check online using the following website:

You may already have an account for the site, if not then you can easily set one up. The site has a comprehensive FAQ page should you have any questions.

You will need to enter the following information to complete the check:

  • Parent's National Insurance Number or National Asylum Support Service number
  • Parent's Date of birth
  • Parent's full name

We will also promote with Wandsworth schools at the start of the Autumn term and if you confirm to the school you are eligible for Free Schools Meals by 14th October we will ensure a retrospective payment is made



How are vouchers sent to recipients?

A direct link to the Vouchers is to be sent by email message but can also be accessed through the Evouchers mobile app (link to download app here).

**Parents are advised to check their junk email in case the email has been flagged as spam.**

Where can the vouchers be redeemed?

  • Any Post Office or Payzone store (up to £650). Click here to find your nearest branch
  • Any Paypoint store (vouchers up to £100): There are over 28,000 locations across the UK - Find the nearest stores in your area by clicking here.

How do recipients redeem their voucher?

  1. Claim their Paypoint/Post Office voucher through the Evouchers app or browser account.
  2. Take their voucher to any Paypoint/Post Office store. Voucher does not need to be printed.
  3. The store clerk will scan the barcode and release the cash.


Any technical support is dealt with by

Further guidance available in the link below.