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Nursery provision for children with social communication disorders

Two schools offer nursery education and assessment for children with social communication disorders including Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Hillbrook School nursery resource base.

Eastwood Nursery integrated provision.

In order to be considered for a placement children must have either:

• A statement of special educational needs naming the provision.

• A formal medical diagnosis of an ASD or social communication difficulties, or similar difficulties identified by an appropriate professional.

• A need for a placement to further assess a suspected social communication disorder. A child would have significant needs that required more support than would be found in general Early Years settings (which are also able to provide for children with ASD and social communication needs).

• A child would have a cognitive ability, as far as can be determined, within the average range and the potential to be admitted to a mainstream primary school at statutory school age with additional support.

Parents/carers who want their child to be considered for a place in either provision should contact their health professional, eg, general practitioner or paediatrician, in order for a referral to be made and to discuss whether their child may benefit from the provision. The referral will then be considered by a specialist multi agency team.