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Wandsworth WAND and WAND+ Cards Terms and Conditions of Use

By using the WAND/WAND+ card you accept the following terms;

1. The card is the property of Wandsworth Council and must be given back if requested.

2. The card is for the sole use of the person named on it and not for anyone else. The card can’t be used by parents or carers unless the named young person is present, unless the concession is for the parent/carer alone.

3. You must not loan or sell the card.

4. You must take all reasonable care to look after the card. If it is lost or stolen you must complete a “Lost card” online application so we can cancel the old card and re-issue a new one.

5. We do not guarantee that all offers related to the card will always be available and it is your responsibility to check beforehand. Offers may be subject to change and availability without notice.

6. We only suggest offers that may be of benefit to children and young people in general, it is up to the young person or parent to ensure the suitability of the offer.

7. Please check and ensure you are happy with the terms and conditions of the places where you use your WAND/WAND+ card.

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