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The Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group

The Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group is a group of GP’s who are responsible for designing local health services.

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for planning, commissioning or ‘buying’ and monitoring health services for the people who live in the borough, including:

  • Rehabilitation care
  • Non-emergency hospital care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Mental health and learning disability services
  • Most community health services

The group of 43 GP practices work together with other partners in the local NHS - pharmacists, dentists, hospitals and mental health providers - Wandsworth Council and local community groups, to improve health and wellbeing, reduce health inequalities and makes sure everyone has equal access to healthcare services.

Wandsworth CCG realises that it can only do these things if they hear and understand what people think of health services, so they are committed to getting feedback on whether the services you use are meeting your needs.

Wandsworth CCG aims to offer the people of Wandsworth a wide range of accessible, high quality and easy to use services to help them stay healthy, and to care for them when they fall ill and need extra support.

Visit the website for more details.