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Working with children and young people

A career working with children and young people can vary according to their age. For example nursery settings have children aged 0-5 years, whereas after school or holiday care have children aged 5 - 16 years.  

There are a variety of professions available such as, a self employed childminder, play/ youth worker. There are also a number of jobs in schools such as teachers, learning support advisers and mentors.

To work with children and young people you need an:

  • interest in children and young people

  • ability to make a positive contribution to their lives

  • ability to undertake training and further study

Jobs are regularly advertised on the Wandsworth web site and the national government web site GOV.UK. See Related websites below.

The Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) programme and New Leaders in Early Years pilot are two training programmes set up to help practitioners become excellent graduate leaders in the early years sector.