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Staying at home

Many young people  will want to stay close to their families and this might mean living at home. However, this does not mean you cannot live independently within your family home.  This could be with the support offered by Supported Housing.

Or by working out with your family what areas you would like more independence - your own keys, choosing, buying and cooking meals, when you can come and go, when your friends can stay and much more - balancing your preferences with their natural concern to keep you and the rest of your family safe.  More about "Just enough support".

Finding suitable, long-term accommodation is more complicated when you have additional needs or requirements. Things are starting to change but we know there’s more to do if young people with SEND are going to have the same housing options available to them as the rest of the population. The first step is supporting young people to think about how they want to live and then understand what options are available to them.