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How can I get help paying for childcare?

If you're working or going back to work, and you've got children, you can get financial and practical help with childcare. There's lots of help available to make your life easier, from tax credits to flexible working arrangements.

If you need help paying for childcare, the Coram Family and Childcare website can help you find out what tax credits, benefits and national schemes are available whether you are working, studying or living with a disability. Topics include:

For parents with disabled children 
Advice and information about how to receive help with childcare cost for parents with disabled children.

For working parents 
If you are working and paying for registered childcare you may be entitled to some help with your costs. Find out the two main sources of financial help for working parents.

For student parents 
Are you considering starting a course? We've put together information on how to receive help with childcare costs for parents that are studying.

During maternity leave Information on how to receive help with childcare costs during maternity leave including employer-supported childcare and the childcare element of Working Tax Credit.

Free childcare entitlements 

Information about the free childcare entitlement for two, three and four-year-olds.