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Resources to Support Schools in Promoting Pupil Health and Wellbeing

The following are useful resources to support schools in promoting pupil health and wellbeing within and outside the school curriculum.

General, CPD, Communications

  • Services 4 School  Wandsworth provides a wide range of services that schools can buy from Arboricultural Services, through Human Resources, to Psychology Services. Many of which are available not just to Wandsworth schools but to any schools that may be interested. Services 4 Schools is also a resource for schools containing a wealth of information on a range of topics from PSHE, RSE training offer to safeguarding.

Healthy School London Programme

The Healthy Schools programme is a well-evidenced “whole-school approach” to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Participating schools are recognised and rewarded for their health promoting activities through an accreditation process. They are awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold healthy school status. To apply for an award please register your school and contact your Borough Healthy School Lead for support.

  • The bronze award is a review of current policies and practices, ensuring basic ‘Healthy Schools’ standards are in place. Requires comprehensive audit of actions and policies across the school by completing the Healthy Schools London (HSL) Bronze Review Tool. The school must renew this award every three years to keep healthy school status.  The school has to hold a valid bronze award first, to apply for Silver.
  • The silver plan does not expire.  Requires the undertaking of a needs analysis to identify the unique health issues affecting their school. Based on the results, the school will plan one universal action and one targeted action to improve health in school; and explain how impact will be measured. Examples of health priorities might include healthy weight, emotional wellbeing, physical activity and oral health. The actions from the silver plan need to be implemented over a minimum of two school terms.
  • The gold report does not expire. It reports on the interventions carried out for Silver and evaluates their impact, including what worked well and the challenges.

Visit Healthy School London to find out more information and access resources.

Personal, Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

  • DfE and Wandsworth Council recommend schools using PSHE Association resources. Further details for schools on supporting the delivery of statutory RSE in Wandsworth is set out I a document called Getting to Grips with the new RSE requirements.
  • The PSHE Association is a national body for PSHE education. It offers its members a wide range of CPD training and resources including SEND specific resources, lesson plans and assessment tools to help schools to develop their high quality PSHE education. Their resources include; Relationships and sex education (RSE), Physical Health, Mental Health, Drug, alcohol and tobacco, Growing and changing, Personal Safety, Bullying and discrimination, Media and digital literacy, Money and work, Community and responsibility. For more information and how to become a member please email 
  • Jigsaw offers PSHE/Health and well-being comprehensive scheme of learning for pupils aged three-16.
  • Getting it on is a one-stop website that offers information and services for 13-19 year olds on sexual and mental health issues, drug&alcohol and relationships problems. It is a safe informative website where secondary teachers can signpost students  covering six South West London boroughs.

Weight management

Children's weight management services in Wandsworth

In Wandsworth, The Health4Life team run healthy lifestyle group and 1:1 programmes for overweight and very overweight children (aged 2 - 11 years) and new mothers.

  • The Health4 Life Mums programme runs over 6 consecutive weeks (1.5 hours per week)
  • The Health4Life Minis programme runs for 4 consecutive weeks (1 hour per week)
  • The Health4Life KickStart programme runs for between 8-10 consecutive weeks depending on school term length (1.5 hours)

The programmes are family based and centred on nutrition education, practical food activities and the promotion of the physical activity. They are delivered by a Registered Nutritionist and a Physical Activity Leader. The aims of the programmes are to:

  • Improve eating behaviours and promote nutrition knowledge
  • Decrease sedentary behaviours, increase physical activity and improve knowledge on the benefits of being active
  • Promote the attainment of a healthy weight for age

Children identified through NCMP with BMI over the 91st centile at Reception or BMI over the 98th centile at Year 6 will be offered a place on a programme. Families are also able to self-refer by emailing the team. For more information please contact: or visit their Instagram page


Adult weight management services in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Council is offering Free Weight loss vouchers for 12 weeks. Weekly discussion and support meetings for losing weight through healthy eating. Choose between Slimming World and WW (previously Weight Watchers) for more information and how to self-refer please visit Adult Weight Management Services

Physical activity and PE


  • Physical Education (PE) is a compulsory part of the curriculum for all pupils at every Key Stage. The DfE recommends that all pupils should receive a minimum of two hours of curricular PE per week.
  • The DfE Physical Education programme of study can be accessed here: KS1&2 and KS3&4
  • The Daily Mile is a free initiative and is helping schools to rebuild their children’s fitness and improve their emotional and mental health – all outdoors in the fresh air. Register online or contact for more information
  • Cosmic kids is a free online fun yoga for children promoting mindfulness through fun stories.
  • Change4life website offers information about active hobbies and sports to fun 10 minutes shake up games children and play at home with their families
  • A-Life provide healthy living workshops, fun fitness and other PSHE curricular sessions for primary schools  


Local assets

  • Enable Leisure & Sportsnot-for-profit organization which manages leisure, sports, arts and cultural services for Wandsworth Council

Health Education, Cooking and Nutrition

Curriculum and family resources

  • 'Our Healthy Year’ resources to help encourage healthy habits during a child’s first year at school and to help older kids build on the habits they need for secondary school and for life
  • Food fact of life includes free cooking curriculum resources for different age groups from three to 16-year-olds.
  • British Nutrition Foundation offers reliable information on nutrition grounded by science.
    • Looking at labels resources can be used when teaching children how to read food labels to make healthy choices.
    • Eatwell Guide with handy fact sheets per each food group is a valuable classroom resource.
  • Eating well recipe book for 5-18 year olds offered healthy recipes which can be shared with parents or used in a cookery lesson
  • Change4Life School Zone, with curriculum-linked resources and inspiration to help you teach children about healthy eating and being active.  
    • Food scanner app, download the app and find out if your family favourites could be swapped for a healthy alternative.
    • Healthy recipes is a recipe hub offering families tips for healthy breakfast, packed lunches, dinners and deserts


School food provision

  • All schools should offer milk to their pupils. Cool Milk is a scheme by which parents can buy milk for their children. Children on pupil premium should receive milk free of charge. 
  • Chefs in schools is a charity training the school kitchen teams to serve up clean healthy, inexpensive, generation-powering, mid-opening and society0changing food in schools 
  • Edward & Ward is the current school food provider for Wandsworth schools
  • School Food Matters is a charity campaigning for better assess to sustainable healthy food during school time and quality food education. They provide fully funded food education programmes to schools.

Mental Health

  • Place2be offers counselling, mental health support and training UK school


Targeted support

  • is a free, safe and anonymous online counselling service for young people with counsellors available until 10pm.