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There are a range of violent and abusive situations that you or someone you know may be going through, or have gone through.


Why it’s important to seek help immediately

Often, signs of domestic abuse are ignored and unreported. However, domestic violence and abuse can lead to serious long term health problems including mental health issues.

In violent situations, there can be a risk of serious injury or even death, which is why it is extremely important to seek help early on, and before the abuse gets worse.


Reasons why domestic violence and abuse isn’t reported

Domestic violence and abuse is often unreported, reasons may include:

  1. Fear of any repercussions of reporting, particularly if it’s honour based violence
  2. Feeling that the abuse is ‘low level’ or ‘not important’ enough to report
  3. The victim thinking that they deserve the abuse, or
  4. Thinking that they will be ignored  

People who suspect abuse may feel reluctant to report it as they do not want to get involved in somebody else’s business. However, without reporting it the victim may be in danger, especially if they are, or have children.


Services available to victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse

There are a range of support services available in Wandsworth for victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. This includes:

  1. All around support (Hestia)
  2. Community Safety Division (Wandsworth Council) or Community Safety Unit (Metropolitan Police)
  3. Housing options
  4. Social services
  5. Mental health services

…and other services, as appropriate.

There are also nationally recognised charities, housing associations and other organisations that we work closely with who offer free and confidential help, support and advice to victims of domestic violence and abuse.


Services in Wandsworth

For free, confidential advice and legal support to people living with domestic violence and abuse, contact Hestia

Adult Social Services Access team: 020 8871 7707 or e-mail

If you suspect that a child is at risk of violence, abuse or exploitation contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team – 020 8871 6622 or

For advice and information call the Community Safety Division – 020 8871 6437

Metropolitan Police: 101

Wandsworth Council After hours - 020 8871 6000