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Children's Centres provide a welcoming space where you and your child aged 0 - 5 years old can have fun and learn. 

The benefits of using a children's centre are:

  • learning to play creatively with your child
  • spending quality time together with your child
  • improving your parenting skills by attending various programmes and sessions
  • accessing training courses to assist you in getting back to work
  • making friends with other parents and carers
  • getting support with life problems.

Most sessions will be free of charge, but some will require booking and maybe a small fee. 


Centres are grouped into three clusters around the borough. You can click on the centres' names to take you to their page:

Battersea cluster:
Somerset Children's Centre 
York Gardens Children's Centre
Yvonne Carr Children's Centre

Roehampton cluster:
Eastwood Children's Centre
Granard Children's Centre
Southmead Children's Centre  (currently closed for maintenance)
West Hill in the Park Children's Centre

Tooting cluster:
Balham Children's Centre
Fayland Children's Centre
Franciscan Children's Centre
Smallwood Children's Centre

How to register with a children's centre

How to register:

To access services being offered at your local Children's Centre, you will need to register your family details. You can do this by either completing the online Family Registration Form (below) or by completing a paper Family Registration Form at your local Children's Centre.

Click here to go to the online Family Registration Form

EasyPeasy App

The EasyPeasy app gives you ideas about activities to do with your child.

Wandsworth Council have teamed up with them to offer their premium subscription for free to Wandsworth families (until November 2022).

When you sign up, enter the code 'Wand2021', or if you already have the app, add it to your profile under the groups section.

For more information about the EasyPeasy app, see their website here:

Coronavirus information

Due to the continuing increase in infection rates linked to COVID- 19, early years and children centre programming may be subject to change at short notice to protect families, staff and partners.  Please continue to check with staff and social media prior to coming to participate in services and please take all precautions to stay safe.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.