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SNAS is responsible for children and young people who are requesting a statutory assessment of special educational need (SEN), or are currently under assessment based on their SEN. Following assessment, SNAS may issue an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

How is SNAS organised?

  • Assessment Team
  • Review Team
  • Data Team
  • Tribunal/Mediation Team

The Assessment Team is responsible for the statutory assessment and the 20-week process. Once it has been agreed to assess a child or young person for an EHCP, they will be allocated an EHC Co-ordinator in the Assessment Team until the EHC Plan is finalised.

Once the child or young person has a finalised EHC Plan, you will be allocated a Co-ordinator from the Review team.

The Review Team is split into three team pods covering early years and primary, Secondary and post 16 (preparation for adulthood). The Review team is responsible for annual reviews, the phase transfers processes (for example moving between primary and secondary school) and any matters linked to the EHCP. Cases are placed into the teams based on the age of the child or young person and the school/ setting they attend. This allows officers to develop expertise in a range of different SEN needs but specialising within a phase of education and child development.

The Data Team is responsible for all the collation and analysis of all data, including providing any information (including Freedom of Information requests etc.)

The Tribunal Team is responsible for managing mediation requests and cases being considered by the SEND First Tier Tribunal Service.


Who is in SNAS?

Head of SNAS: Will manage and co-ordinate the strategic and operational day to day delivery of the service. Head of SNAS will be accountable for the performance of the teams, ensuring that plans are produced to a high standard for quality within the set timelines.

Team Managers: Will be responsible for the day to day managing of the team that deliver the co-ordination of the Education Health and Care plan. Managed by the Head of SNAS.

Senior EHC Coordinators: To offer advice and guidance to support the EHCP Co-Ordinators.

EHC Coordinators: will be responsible for coordinating the Education Health and Care Plan leading the planning process, ensuring that it is person centred and providing the single point of contact.

EHC Assistants: The EHC Assistants in the team can respond to general questions and give advice about the child or young person’s EHCP.

Finance and Data Officer: Responsible for making sure settings receive their payments in a timely fashion.

Tribunal Manager and Officer: Managing the mediation requests and cases being considered by the SEND first Tier Tribunal Service.


Who should I contact?


The SEND Team can be contacted via the main contact details as listed below; you will have direct contact with our Coordinator Assistants Team who will signpost you onto the relevant person if they cannot resolve your query.  The Coordinator Assistants can deal with queries such as:

  • Information on where you or your child is in the EHC Needs Assessment process
  • Generic queries in relation to SEND
  • Update on some specific queries and copies of any reports
  • Contact details for your allocated EHCP Coordinator


Phone : 0208 871 8061 - For New EHCP Requests - For Annual Review Paperwork - For Professionals Reports 

For more specific queries, or when you have a designated allocated EHC Co-ordinator, please contact them directly. Please see the EHC Coordinator caseloads (See DOWNLOADS in the top right corner of this page).

Wandsworth Special Needs Assessment Service will aim to deliver an efficient and timely service to families. We aim to acknowledge all e-mails and phone messages within 3 working days. A full response may take up to 10 working days.