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School Holidays

Looking for something to do in the school holidays?

If you have a child aged five or under, visit your local Children's Centre.

Children's Centres provide a welcoming space where you and your child can have fun and learn. 

If you have a child aged between 3 and 13, they can attend a Holiday Playcentre.  You will have to pay for this.

Holiday Playschemes are available during most school holidays and run for most of the day. 

Children and young people from 8 to 19, and up to 25 if they have SEND can go to Youth Centres or Clubs.

Youth Centres are welcoming places where young people can go to learn, have fun and relax. 

WAND and WAND+ card activities for families with children from 0 to 24 continue in the holidays. 

Battersea Park has free parking, the Children's Zoo and London Recumbents, as well as discounted mini golf at Putt in the Park.

Putt in the Park in Wandsworth Park also offers a discount to WAND and WAND+ card holders.

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