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School starts for most children in the September after their 4th birthday when they go to reception, but some, instead, go straight into Year 1 in the September after their 5th birthday. You can find out about the different types of schools available, and a list of the ones in Wandsworth, by clicking on the 'Schools' icon below.



Childcare can be needed from soon after birth, right up through school. This can either be in the form of a childminder, a nanny, a nursery or a breakfast and after school club.

You can find out more information about childminders and nurseries, as well as how to pay for them, by clicking on the icons below.

Nannies usually look after children in your own home. We do not list individual nannies here, but we do have a list of nanny agencies that you can contact to discuss finding a nanny and to discuss any arrangements you may have.
Please click here for a list of nanny agencies.

Breakfast and after school care is available, whether through the school or an external organisation. It's always worth asking at the school to see if they offer either.
Please click here for a list of breakfast and after school care.

There are holiday activities available during most school holidays.
Please click here for a list of holiday activities.