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Nurseries are a general term for childcare services that look after children aged 0 - 5.  

Choosing Early Education in Wandsworth includes information on places available in the state, voluntary and independent sector.

The closing date for applications for nursery places within a primary school starting in September 2023 is Friday 6 February 2023.


Types of nurseries

Day nurseries - Day nurseries provide childcare for children from under one-year-old up to the age of five. They are registered with Ofsted to provide childcare. They are usually open from 8am - 6pm, all year round.

Maintained nursery schools - This is the education provision that is the responsibility of the Local Authority. They may be in a maintained nursery school or primary school nursery class. The provision is free to all parents / carers. There are fully qualified teachers.

Private nursery schools - A nursery or school that is run by a private sector provider. They provide education for children aged from two and a half to five. They are registered with Ofsted to provide childcare. Private nursery schools are usually open part-time. 

Independent schools - Independent schools provide education for children aged from three to 11 in Wandsworth. They have to be registered with the Department of Education (DfE). Schools are usually open part-time. 

Pre-school playgroup - Pre-school playgroups provide places for small groups of children, aged from two and a half to five, to learn and play. They are run by the voluntary sector on a not-for-profit basis. Playgroups are usually open part-time.

Nurseries in Wandsworth that are not part of the local authority are regulated by the government through the Office Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted).

In addition, many of these nurseries in Wandsworth are registered with the Local Authority to provide Early Education Places.

You can find out more information about these here:

To see what your child might get up to when at a nursery, watch 'A Day in the Life of a Two-Year-Old'.


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