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Scope’s Online Community

Scope’s online community is a place for disabled people, parents and carers to share experiences and swap practical information. The community offers a unique tips section, with hundreds of practical suggestions from people with first-hand experience of disability. 

SEN Explained - ADHD Truth & Fiction: Dispelling Myths

Join Stephanie as she dispels the many myths and uncovers truths about ADHD to help you explain your child’s unique brain wiring to others. Date and time Monday 22nd August 2022 2pm – 3pm About this event - What will be covered in…

SEN Talk General Service Offer

Sen Talk CIC services Sen Talk CIC is a local non-profit organisation working within the borough of Wandsworth specifically supporting autistic children and children with Attention Deficit Disorders and or other Social Communication needs and their families. The organization works collaboratively with families, service…

SEND Parent Carers in Wandsworth

Wandsworth have a new SEND Parent Carer Forum. To find out more information or join, please visit

Service children and young people, statutory assessments of Education Health and Care (EHC) needs

When a Service child or young person, 0-25 years old, requires a statutory assessment of their Education Health and Care (EHC) needs, the local authority must seek advice from the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS).  CEAS is part of the Ministry…


Sign For All Community Ltd provides a range of services to families such as Deaf father’s Support Group, Mother’s support Group, Parents support Group, BSL story-time and BSL educational videos. We run Family Film Clubs, Children’s workshops, Family events and provide BSL resources. We…


SignHealth is a national charity that is focussed on improving the mental and physical health of Deaf people by helping them to access healthcare and other services. They provide: Health information for deaf people Advocacy services Housing services Counselling and mental health therapies Outreach…

SignHealth - Deaf Hopes Project

DeafHope is the only sign-language based service designed to help Deaf women and children who suffer domestic violence. This service is for anyone who may have hearing impairment and can relate to being involved with domestic abuse. DeafHope helps people who have suffered domestic abuse…

Sleep support from the National Autistic Society

This guide, on the National Autistic Society website, addresses the issues around sleep, particularly with reference to children with autism. It tries to explain: what constitutes a sleep disorder, the causes of sleep disorders, what…

Small Steps

This charitable organisation supports parents and carers with children who have cerebral palsy or other motor and sensory impairments. Small Steps works with children: Over 3  months and under 5 years of age With mainly…