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Worried About A Child or Young Person - Child sexual exploitation leaflet

This leaflet is produced by Wandsworth Safeguarding Children and Young People Board (WSCB). The leaflet provides useful information on where to go for help. The leaflet contains advice on what to do if you are worried about a child or young person who may be…

WSCB Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy

Challenging and eradicating child sexual exploitation requires a clear strategy and a co-ordinated multi-agency response, to be successful. The strategy is for professionals working with families in Wandsworth. Sexual exploitation can incorporate: sexual; physical; and emotional…

WSCP Protocol for Young Runaways and Missing Children and Young People

Running away is when a child or young person chooses to leave home or care without permission. The majority of young people who run away from home do so to avoid what's going on in their personal circumstances and…