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Yukon Day Nursery

Day nursery
Yukon Day Nursery, also known as Yukon Tots & Preschool, is a well-stablished nursery running successfully for 30 years. With both our Pre-school learning curriculum and our Babies and Tots healthy minds program, Yukon Nursery gives parents the ability to tailor the perfect learning strategy that's…

Yumei Chen

My name is Yumei, I am a registered child minder. I live in a modern, bright and airy three bedroom flat in Southfields with lots of play space. I live with my husband, 13 year old son and 9 year old daughter. We speak English…

Yvonne Carr Family Hub

Yvonne Carr family hub provides a welcoming space where you can access services in the heart of your community. This autumn, we’re launching new services from Yvonne Carr, as well as the regular children’s centre services you can expect from the centre. What support is…

Yüme Nursery and Preschool

Day nursery
Yüme is a progressive, family-run, and family-oriented independent Nursery & Preschool located just minutes away from Wandsworth Park. Yüme intends to provide more than just day-care for children, it’s a place where families can feel welcome, and a place where they can find high-quality care…

Zesh Rehman Foundation Football

Providing football for young children who want something to do on Saturday afternoons. Children get an opportunity to make new friends, have fun, learn new skills and play fun matches. This session is for anyone who enjoys playing football and wants…

‘By the child, for the child’, a short film made by young people about speech therapy

For young people with Speech, Language and Communication needs, secondary school can be particularly demanding. Wandsworth is one of the few Boroughs who are able to support this increasing cohort of pupils by providing specialist SLT services at secondary level.  A selection of Wandsworth pupils…