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SEND Travel Assistance - Bus and Taxi

A bus or taxi space will only be offered if your child/young person’s needs affect them from travelling on public transport with a responsible adult or has mobility issues that can restrict them.

Factors taken into consideration when a bus/taxi is required

The Council will take into consideration the following factors when assessing a request for travel assistance through a bus/taxi or other direct provision:

  • Parental disability which would make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for the parent to take the child to school (please provide evidence of disability).
  • The severity of the child’s special educational needs / disability – especially where there are complex physical disability / medical needs which might make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for the child to walk or use public transport to get to school, where the child presents a danger to him / herself or others.
  • Where a parent’s employment would be jeopardised because of having to transport children to different schools and it would be impossible or unreasonably difficult for the family to make alternative arrangements (Please provide evidence from employer).
  • Distance/travel time to a provision, where the Council has been unable to offer a more local provision.

Allocated spaces within private bus/taxis are sometimes available to a child or young person, who is entitled to travel assistance to school, as a result of their Special Educational Needs (SEN). where they will not be able to use a Travel Assistance Budget, (TABs) or Independent Travel Training, (ITT)


Further evidence to support application for a bus/taxi space


This could include:

  • Evidence of a parent/carer’s disability. (A report from a health professional stating why your health needs is affecting your ability to from take your chid/young person to and from school)
  • A letter from your child’s GP, as evidence that your child/young person cannot travel on public transport independently/or with a responsible adult.


How to apply

An online application will need to be submitted to the SEND Travel Assistance team. The completed application will be assessed at the SEND Travel Assistance panel, which is held fortnightly.


Contact information

If your child/young person is currently receiving transport to and from school, please see below for the contact numbers:

Taxi queries- 020 8871 7977

Bus queries- 07977330226

Alternatively, you can email


Who to contact


Last updated: 30 Jan 2023