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Working Families

Working Families is the UK's leading work-life balance charity, supporting parents and carers on employment rights, campaigning for changes in the law and helping employers to develop family friendly work practices.

Their confidential legal helpline offers free, impartial advice on a wide range of issues relating to reconciling work with being a parent.

Issues include:

  • employment rights;
  • flexible working options; 
  • tax credits and benefits; 
  • working and caring for a disabled child;
  • childcare; 
  • maternity and paternity leave; 
  • first time families - maternity and paternity leave;
  • low income.

Working Families also run a network called 'waving not drowning' - providing an information resource for parents of disabled children and for professionals who work with them.  Members of the network receive free e-newsletters and e-bulletins. Call 020 7017 0072 or email to join the mailing list.

You can call the Working Families helpline between 10am and 4pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and between 10am and 1pm on Thursdays and Fridays. You can text them 07800 00 4722; email or visit their website at any time.

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Working Families
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Last updated: 26 Mar 2020