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DCR and WAND Parent Champions FAQs

FAQs for WAND Parent Champions

A)       About the DCR and WAND card, or being a Parent Champion:

Q. What if I have a query about any of the services on offer that I cannot answer?

  • Refer the parent to the FIS Wandsworth website for general queries such as ‘where can my child do swimming lessons’. 
  • For more complex queries or where a parent does not have access to the website, complete a Parent data collection form and pass it to SEND Local Offer Team to contact the person.
  • Or phone or email us for a chat about the question: 020 8871 7160

 Q. What if I have a query or concern about my role as a Parent Champion?

  • In the first instance, consider sharing your concern with an established Parent Champion who may be able to help you.  Alternatively, arrange a time to talk to the Parent Champion Manager by sending an e-mail to

Q. When should I wear my Parent Champion ‘uniform’?

  • Always carry your ID badge with you so that it is to hand to show people. 
  • The team is encouraged to wear the blue WAND sweatshirts when out and about on stands in shopping or leisure centres and for photo-opportunities, such as meeting the Mayor.

Q. I like to help, but sometimes worry that professionals or other colleagues have higher expectations of what I can manage.

  • Occasional stretches can be good for us all.  They take us out of our comfort zone and can be empowering.  But don’t let taking on too much become a habit! 
  • Everyone is unique and will have their own levels of comfort around how much they want to do beyond the basic remit of an average 2.5 hours per week as a volunteer, during term time.
  • If you feel demands on your time are getting out of hand, or you would like further training, ask for a review and better clarification about your role.
  • Talk to the PC co-ordinator or the overarching manager.

Q. Sometimes a parent comes to me with so many issues that I feel overwhelmed.

  • Just by listening and reflecting back what is said, you will be helping the person feel heard.
  • But remember your brief: it is to help promote the WAND/WAND+ card and SEND Local Offer in Wandsworth and to raise awareness in the community about us. 
  • You are not expected to do or know everything.
  • Ask the person ‘what is the biggest issue for you right now?’ and start from there – either by guiding them to the DCR/WAND/WAND+/Local Offer or signposting them to all the services available.

Q. What if a parent is anxious about ‘letting go’ and allowing the child/young person in their care to try out something new?

  • Suggest visiting the setting and talking to other parents there first or trialling a session, with support from a supervisor there. 
  • As a Parent Champion, you are an ideal role model, but if your experience is very different, suggest another Parent Champion or someone else that they could relate to.   

Q.  How do I set boundaries around my Parent Champion work so that I don’t do too much outside my planned PC hours?

  • Be clear to people when you’ve got your ‘PC hat’ on and when you do not. 
  • Remember the limits of your role and always refer the person to the Family Information Service helpline or other services for wider support.
  • Do not hand out your mobile number or share social media. Ask friends to bear this in mind and not to hand out your contact details to others.
  • Check out our Top Ten Tips for Setting Boundaries on how to say 'no' sometimes.

Q. What if someone wants a WAND card who doesn’t yet receive DLA or is waiting for their application to be assessed

  • Explain that they are welcome to join the Children with Disabilities Register and to receive our newsletter and other communications. 
  • If they haven’t applied for DLA but you think they should qualify for DLA because their child’s needs are complex, you can refer them to Contact to do an assessment and help them complete a DLA form. Having DLA can open up other benefits such as Carers Allowance which may help them financially, so it is well worth getting.
  • Once they receive a letter from DLA confirming receipt , they can apply to us for the WAND card.
  • We would also accept a supporting letter from health, education or social care professional which confirms that the child's additional need significantly impacts on their ability to access activities and services in the borough.

Q. What if a young person is too old to qualify for the WAND card?

  • Although they won’t be placed on the Disabled Children’s Register, young people aged 18-24 can apply for the WAND+ card and will receive our newsletter too.

Q. How can I order report-back forms?

As above, you can request copies of the following:

  • Business sign-up forms
  • Outreach forms
  • Individual customer query forms

Q. When should I send in report-back forms?

  • Please return any completed forms as soon as possible if an individual needs help from FIS Wandsworth.  Hand in at check in meetings, or post report-back forms from businesses or group visits to us in the reply-paid envelopes at the end of each month. Never keep personal details of clients for data protection.  Always pass these to the team as soon as possible.

Q. Do I need to do a report back form for each setting visited?

  • Please complete a group report back form for each setting or group meeting you hold. This is important, so that we can record the number of parents/carers you have spoken to. 
  • You do not need to do a detailed report back form for every individual you talk to, unless they require information us, in which case please forward to us immediately in a reply-paid envelope.

NB: It is essential that data regarding individuals is either passed to us or disposed of securely to conform with the latest data protection guidelines.

Q. What areas of the borough should I be covering?

  • Get to know your own town centre and surrounding streets when it comes to visiting GP surgeries, dentists, clinics, local shops etc.  For bigger events, we circulate info to all Parent Champions and try to share requests at events according to who is available at the time.

Q. How do we avoid duplication of visits? 

  • In the main, please keep to your local area of the borough and liaise with colleagues in your area to avoid duplicating visits.   Please update us on any visits you have organised locally by email so that we avoid duplication of effort.

Q. How should we approach businesses about the WAND card?

  • If you know a local business that you think might be interested, have a chat with the manager and take down his/her name for follow-up with more details from Lucia.  We also have a single sheet of information for businesses interested in supporting the scheme that you can get from us.

Q. What if someone I talk to expresses interest in becoming a Parent Champion?

  • Ask them to contact us for an application form or complete a parent report form with their details and pass it back to us.

B) Frequently asked queries about support services for families

As a Parent Champion, your role is to help with queries about the DCR and WAND/WAND+ card  – you are not expected to be an expert on everything and if in any doubt, ask us!  However, here are the more common questions, with suggestions on where else to signpost people to:

Q. Where can I guide a parent who has a child under five who may have a special need or disability or who has recently been diagnosed with SEND?

  • Give them a copy of the WAND Map listing sources of support on side 2 and refer them to the Early Years section:  Encourage them to visit their nearest Children’s Centre where specialist staff should be able to pick up on their needs, or refer them to the Early Years Centre or the Enhanced Children’s Centre for more support.

Q. What offers are available to someone whose child is over 18?

  • The WAND+ card is available for young people 18 to 24 years old with special educational needs, disabilities or complex health needs.

Q. I know a parent who is struggling due to their situation and needs a helping hand.

  • Always check if they have spoken to their GP about the situation.  Their GP should be made aware that the parent is a carer of a child with SEND.
  • CONTACT run a wide range of activities to support parents of children with SEND and can also help with completing forms for DLA (details on WAND map and on the Family Information Service website).
  • Wandsworth Carers Centre (details on the WAND map and on the Family Information Service website) offer support to carers of young people and also those with adult dependants (or both) to help them cope with their caring needs.
  • Home Start (details on Family Information Service website) provides volunteers who will meet weekly over several months with families where there is a child under the age of 5 in the family (it does not need to be the one with SEND).

Q. Where should I send someone to get help with housing advice?

  • Housing, especially that which is suitable for growing families, is in very short supply in the borough of Wandsworth, as in all of London.  For this reason, exercise extreme caution about raising any expectations when it comes to finding family-sized accommodation in the borough.  There are sources of information, but these don’t necessarily translate into provision:


  • The Family Information Service website lists a number of sources of information if you look up ‘housing advice’ on the search engine:  the key one, in terms of local housing availability and procedures for applying, being the Council’s Housing Options Team who provide housing advice and assistance to homeless people, residents in social and private housing; and landlords in the private sector.  
  • Contact can help with applying for DLA and other benefits and will also advise on housing issues.
  • Shelter is a national housing charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. They give advice, information and advocacy services to people in housing need.

Q. Who should I suggest the parent talk to if their child is having trouble with the law or police?

  • The Citizen's Advice Bureau can point you to understanding legal services.
  • Coram offers its own Child Law Advice Service (CLAS). For more details see their website:

Q. What can a parent do if their child fails entry to college?


Q. What if a parent is unhappy with their school or how well teachers are meeting a child with SENDs needs? 

  • All maintained schools must have a published Complaints Procedure outlining the steps to be taken in the case of a complaint.  Parents/carers are entitled to ask for a copy for the relevant complaints policy or check the school website for details.  There are several stages to escalating a concern and it is advisable to follow each step in turn and to date your communications:
  1. Express concern to staff member (informal)
  • if that does not solve the issue promptly, then:
  1. Complain to head teacher (formal written/email complaint)
  2. Complain to the Chair of the Governing Body (in writing/email)
  3. Complain to Governing Body Appeal Panel


  • Each school may have a different procedure for complaints but it is very common for an initial complaint to be made in writing to the head teacher of the school. It is also good practice to send a copy of the complaint to the Chair of Governors.

The complaint will then be addressed either through correspondence or through a meeting with the Chair of Governors depending on the school’s complaints procedure.

Governmental Advice recommends that the person investigating the complaint should investigate what has happened so far and who has been involved and clarify what needs to be resolved by meeting with the person making the complaint. The person investigating is recommended to keep a written record of any meetings in relation to the complaint as well as the progress and final outcome of the complaint. 

There should be a reasonable timeframe for dealing with the complaint and the school should inform you of any deadlines and delays. 

  • The complaints system can be slow and complex, so it is good to persevere and follow up unanswered emails within a reasonable time to keep the concern high on the agenda.
  • If a parent wants advice from a source outside of the school or if their complaint is still not satisfactorily dealt with, they can contact WIASS - the Wandsworth Information, Advice and Support Service (details on the Family Information Service website) regarding next steps or changing schools. 
  • IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice ) give legal  training to WIASS and have an Advice Line and a Tribunal Helpline
  • Further details, with more specific advice about different types of schools, plus possible further courses of action are available on the Child Law Advice website:   Child Law Advice is a part of the Coram group of charities.  It has a free legal helpline and an email advice service.  Full details of how to access this help is given on their website.


More information on the WAND card

Who to contact

Contact Name
SEND Local Offer Team
Parent Organisation
Disabled Children's Register (DCR)/WAND/WAND+/Short Breaks/Parent Champions/SEND Local Offer Team

Local Offer


What is Wandsworth’s Local Offer ?

Wandsworth's team of DCR (The Disabled Children's Register), WAND and WAND+ Parent Champions are parents of children with WAND and WAND+ cards who want to let other parents know about Wandsworth's SEND Local Offer and how their family can access and benefit from the support, activities and advice available.

The Disabled Children's Register (DCR) the WAND and WAND+ Cards are initiatives by the the DCR, WAND and WAND+ Team, part of Wandsworth's Children's Commissioning Team,  to identify, inform and assist children and young people in Wandsworth with disabilities and/or special educational needs.  The Team also supports these children and young people's parents, carers, families and their professionals.

How to complain, compliment or feedback about this service, activity or provider.


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Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
Secondary (11-16 years)
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Early Years (0-4 years)

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