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CARAS - Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

CARAS is a community outreach charity based in Tooting. They support people of refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds who live in South-West London.

CARAS works from the perspective that people of refugee background are marginalised in the UK and can and do face a complex range of barriers that prevent access to rights, entitlements, opportunities and a good quality of life. These barriers must be addressed comprehensively through education, advocacy, and campaigns work for social change.

They have a range of group activities that support people of all ages to develop their English skills, access services and opportunities, build supportive social networks and to feel welcomed. They work with individuals to make sure that people get the specific support that matches their situation no matter how complex.

Their mission is to work together with young people, families and adults of refugee background to provide practical, educational and social help. They create supportive relationships, networks and well informed services that enable people to access what they need in order to increase their wellbeing and safety.

Please contact the centre on the details below for more information.

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25, Blakenham Road
SW17 8NE
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Last updated: 17 Mar 2022