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Post-16 Participation Team

Who are we? 

The Post 16 Participation Team support those aged 16-18 (up to 25 for individuals with special educational needs (SEND) to explore their education, employment or training (EET) options. 


How can we help? 

Through bespoke 1:1 and/or group sessions, we can support young people to: 

  • recognise and appreciate their own skills and abilities; 
  • consider their short and long-term career plans, aspirations and options; 
  • find the most appropriate education, training or employment opportunities for them; 
  • search and apply for jobs, apprenticeships and/or courses; and
  • write CVs and make job applications.


Following the successful enrolment of a 16–18-year-old into education, employment or training, we strive to remain in contact with them to ensure that they are progressing well in their new environment and offer further support if required. 


Why is it important for those aged 16-18 to be in education, employment or training (EET)? 

Under the Raising the Participation Age legislation, it is a legal requirement for young people to be in EET up until the age of 18. Research has shown just how crucial being in education, employment or training between the ages of 16-18 can be.  


Our Process 

We are committed to assisting young people aged 16-18 to participate in learning, employment, or training. To do this, we strive to collect information from a wide range of sources so that we can learn what young people in Wandsworth are doing, for example, if they happen to be attending sixth form, college, or if they are taking part an apprenticeship. 

When we discover young people aged 16-18 who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), we contact them or their legal guardian to try and find out their needs, aspirations and the kind of support that would most benefit them.  A dedicated caseworker is then allocated to that individual to provide tailored information, advice, and guidance to support their successful transition into education, employment or training.  

You can help us identify an individual who is NEET by filling out the referral form at the bottom of this page for a 16–18-year-old you know/are caring for. 


Why do we do this?  

Wandsworth Council, along with all English local authorities, has a legal duty to encourage, enable or assist young people aged 16-18 to participate in learning, employment, or training.  The Council must report on young people's participation to the Department for Education on a regular basis. We also aim to have as few NEET 16–18-year-olds in the borough as possible and the information we find out helps to bring this number down nationwide. 


Referrals from parents, guardians or professionals  

If you are a parent, guardian or a professional working with a young person aged 16 – 18 living in Wandsworth, you can complete the referral form under 'Downloads' to access information, advice and guidance support for them.  Upon completion, please email your referral form to    


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Last updated: 22 Jun 2023