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More About Your 15 hours 2-Year-Old Funded Place

More About Your 2-Year-Old Funded Place

Please find below useful hints and tips to finding and securing a place with an Early Education and Childcare provider.


My application was ‘accepted’, what do I do now?

  • You would have received a unique code for your child. This will look like: FGHX000000000. This code format is unique to the borough of Wandsworth. Therefore, if you have a shorter/longer format please contact the Early Education and Childcare team (EECP) on 020 8871 8339. You will need to give this code to your chosen childminder, nursery or primary school.


How do I find a childminder or nursery offering two-year-old places?

  • You can find all Early Education and Childcare Providers offering 2-year-old places here, please remember to use the 'filter' option and use your postal code to find a provider.
  • Contact the provider to plan your visit to their nursery or home.
  • Please DO NOT give your unique code to a provider or sign a contract until you are sure you want them to care for your child.
  • If you are asked for a deposit or any additional money as a condition of taking up a place, please contact the EECP team on 020 8871 8339 BEFORE you hand over any money.
  • Please read all contracts you are asked to sign carefully and ask questions. If there is anything you do not understand please discuss or ask the provider BEFORE SIGNING.  If you are still uncertain, you can contact the EECP team on 020 8871 8339. It is very important that you check the contract you are signing. Some providers ask for 1 month's notice and others a terms notice if you decide to leave their care.  In some cases, this will mean you may have to stay with a provider for a further 3 months before you can move to another nursery or childminder.

How long can I have my two- year-old Early Education and Childcare Place?

Child born between

Start date after child turns 2

End date of two-year-old place after your child has turned 3

1 September - 31 December

Spring term - January

Autumn term - December

1 January - 31 March

Summer term - April

Spring term - March

1 April - 31 August

Autumn term - September

Summer term - August


*Please note start dates may vary between providers. Please check with the manager at the setting.


You can have your two-year-old funded place for up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year (school term). Some nurseries may offer what is known as a 'stretched offer' whereby you can have less hours per week for more weeks. For example, 11 hours per week for 51 weeks of the year.


Can I change my Early Education Provider?

  • If you would like to move/ change provider, please check the contract you signed with the childminder or nursery as you will have to give them ‘notice’. Notice is when you tell the nursery you no longer want your child to attend their setting. You will usually have to tell them 1 month in advance. However, some providers ask for a whole term's notice (approximately 3/6 months), therefore if you were to move, you will have to wait for the notice period to end before you can start at another provider.  Please make sure you know what you are signing!!!!
  • We advise parents to give the provider ‘notice’ in writing, whether by email or letter and keep a copy.
  • If you would like to change your provider, please note, you will have to finish at the last childminder/nursery before you can start a new place as the council will not pay for two places at the same time.


What happens when my child turns 3?

If your provider is unable to offer your child an Early Education and Chlidcare Place for three to four-year-old’s free of charge, please contact the Early Education and Childcare Team who will help you to find an alternative provider.

You may wish to apply for an Early Education and Childcare Place for three-four-year-old’s in a primary school.  For more information and how to apply, click here.


What happens if I am claiming Care to Learn funding?

If a parent is accessing Care to Learn funding they must inform Care to Learn their child is accessing a funded two-year-old place so any additional hours over and above their free entitlement can be funded. 


What happens if I am already paying for childcare?

Some families who meet the criteria may already be paying for childcare and receive the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit.  Families who are in receipt of the childcare element of working tax credit must inform HMRC on 0345 300 3900 to avoid overpayment.

It is important that families tell HMRC within one month of any changes as you may be overpaid and will have to pay back. They also might also have to pay a penalty of up to £300.

Please also look at for help with which childcare support would be best for you. 


You can get information about applying for a 3/4-year-old Early Education from  the Early Education Team, your local children’s centre, school or visit and click on Education and Childcare.

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Last updated: 19 Dec 2022