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Challenger Troop

Residential challenging outward-bound activities, survival techniques and personal development skills

This is a programme specifically designed to challenge young people from the ages of 8 to 12 and 13 to 15 years who would benefit from an outdoor camp experience with military-style discipline, firm structure and behaviour boundaries.

Through the programme participants will develop key life skills including:

  • Communicating with others and learning the importance of listening
  • A greater sense of self-awareness and self-reliance, and an improved sense of self-confidence and motivation
  • How to work as part of a team to achieve a set task
  • How to live and work together, including learning consideration and respect for others and a deeper understanding of how behaviours and attitudes can affect those around us
  • An awareness of safety and risk
  • Appreciation of the natural world around them

This services can be accessed by referral from a professional.

Visit the website for more details.

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Last updated: 03 Sep 2020