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Unique Youth at the George Shearing Centre "Bite Size" Massage Tutorials

Lisa Poole, George Shearing’s Community Massage Practitioner - learn to massage your young adult with additional needs and any other family members. 

Lisa has put together a series of bitesized massage tutorials 10-15 mins max for you to watch at your leisure and on the go.  Quick and easy home massage sequences for all the family.

A Guide to Massaging your Young Adult with Additional Needs: 20 mins.

Bitesize Massage Tutorials: Relaxation for YOU - Deep Breathing Sequence 13 mins

Bitesize Massage Tutorials: Relaxation for YOU - Neck and Shoulder Stretch Sequence 7 mins

Bite size Tutorials

Bitesize 1: Intro, Purpose, benefits and health & Safety:

Bitesize 2: Guidelines to Strokes, techniques and Consent:

Bitesize 3: Back Massage 15mins:

Bitesize 4: Foot Massage 15 mins:

Bitesize 5: Hand Massage 11 mins:

Bitesize 6: Arm Massage 11 mins:

Bitesize 7: Head, Neck and Face Massage 16 minutes

Bitesize 8 a Leg : Back of the Leg 14 minutes

Bitesize 8 b:  Leg : Front of the Leg 14 minutes

The longer versions are still available if these have been helpful -  

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Recap:Relaxation:Back Massage

Week 3:Adapting the Massage to your family member:Arm and Hand Massage:Back Massage

Week 4: Massaging the back of the legs and going over the arms, hands & back massage.

Week 5: Sofa massage - front of legs and the feet:

Week 5 ii: Refresh of Strokes so far:

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Lara Chatfield
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Unique Youth at the George Shearing Centre

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Last updated: 13 Jan 2023