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Two-Year-Old Health and Development Reviews

The Health Visiting Service promotes and supports the health and well-being of all babies and children under 5 and provides support for their parents and carers.

The service provides support to families within the home, within children's centres and within health clinics. There are teams across the whole borough and well baby clinics can be accessed in all localities. The health visiting teams also run postnatal breastfeeding clinics to support mothers and infants.

Now that your child is two years old, there are free services that will help you get the best for your child's health, development and education:

Accident Prevention

Children's Centres

Dental Health

Funding 2 Year Old Places

Health and Development Review

Language Development

Healthy Eating and Tips

Immunisations / Vaccinations 


Sleep and Bedtimes

Temper Tantrums

The team includes health visitors, staff nurses, nursery nurses and team administrators. The teams work alongside a range of professionals and support services to provide families with evidence based support to ensure the best outcomes for children.

Last updated: 14 Nov 2022