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WaterSure Scheme from Thames Water

This scheme caps the cost of water for qualifying households.  Thames Water understand that paying bills can be a worry, particularly if you are struggling with money.  WaterSure is just one of the ways we can help make things easier, by capping qualifying customers’ bills.

It is available for all our household customers who have a water meter and meet certain criteria.  If you do qualify, WaterSure will cap your annual bill at £374 (2016/2017) so you won’t have to pay more than that, no matter how much water you have to use. This figure is made up of £198 for your water and £176 for your wastewater services.

If your water use during the year does not go above £374 in charges, you will only be charged for the lower amount of what you’ve used.

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WaterSure Team
Thames Water
PO box 508
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