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Chrissie's Day Out

Chrissie’s Day Out is a family run registered charity (1172926) by Issy and Oli Wedlake dedicated to supporting adults with Down’s Syndrome by providing social, fun and educational days out. Our vision is to create a world where people with Down’s syndrome can live their lives to the max, as fully included and valued members of society.

Chrissie’s Day Out aims to create fun days out for anyone with Down’s Syndrome.

We want to help them pursue their interests, passions and hobbies so they can reach their full potential throughout their lives. By doing all of this we also hope to increase awareness and understanding of Down’s Syndrome within the community.

Through our events we hope people are able to seek out and further their interests and talents, while making friends, but most of all have a great time.

We know the value of bring people together with similar interests and want to create an educational, happy, healthy and social environment for anyone who wants to do more, but struggles to find it, due to funding.

Who to contact

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Issy Wedlake and Oli Wedlake