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Guidance for professionals on bullying

Bullying can make the lives of victims a misery; it can undermine their confidence and self esteem and can destroy their sense of security. The bullying guidance is part of a collection of guidance’s on how to prevent bullying outside of schools.

Bullying is behaviour, usually repeated over time that intentionally hurts another individual or group, physically or emotionally. One person or a group can bully others.

This collection of guidance’s has been primarily written to tackle bullying of learners aged 18 and under, the guidance includes tackling bullying in:

  • children’s Homes
  • cyberbullying
  • extended services in and around school
  • journeys and public transport
  • play and leisure
  • racism, religion and culture
  • sexual and homophobic and
  • youth activities.

For more information on ways of tackling bullying, take a look at the 'Downloads' below or to the right.

Last updated: 09 Feb 2023