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Solicitors on the Law Society’s Children's Panel

If you require any legal advice and a child is involved, it would be beneficial to use a solicitor who is familiar with the areas of the law that relate to children.

Children lawyers who are on the Law Society's Children's Panel can help with matters around:

  • child custody issues;
  • the legal rights of children;
  • working out arrangement for children following the breakdown of a family;
  • child protection / what to do if you think a child is at risk;
  • adopting a child;
  • your rights to see your children; and
  • children's services being involved with your children / family.

Please see the attachment under 'Downloads' for a list of local firms who have notified the Council that they have at least one solicitor on the Law Society's Children's Panel.

Please note that it is not a list of recommended firms by the Council.

For more information about the Law Society's Children's Panel, please follow the link here.