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Jags Connect

Jags Connect is a new online self-help community for parents, carers and teachers affected by serious youth violence. 

They were born from one family’s loss but have grown to support all families in search of brighter futures. They believe in empowering parents, carers, and supporters as they lead our children to safer lives.

They aim to support the local community to dramatically reduce youth violence in South London by 2030. 

They aim to do this by:

  1. Providing trustworthy information on youth violence for parents, carers and teachers. 
  2. Building a thriving ecosystem of organisations combating youth violence.
  3. Signposting at-risk youth away from harm’s way. 

They will do this by providing:

  1. Consolidating resources.
  2. A community forum enabling inter-community support.
  3. Early interventions, empowering parents, carers and teachers to recognise the signs and to intervene before the incident occurs. 
  4. Advice and support from a range of partners and community teams. 

Visit their website now to gain support and join their online self-help community.

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Last updated: 01 Nov 2021