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Positive Parent Action (PPA)

A message from Positive Parent Action (PPA)

In recent months, PPA have found the work that we do for parents and carers in Wandsworth, representing your voice at strategic meetings with partners in the local area, a significant challenge. One reason for this is capacity within the steering group and this, together with a lack of engagement, has left us unable to continue in our current format.

In addition, it has been exceptionally difficult during the pandemic to find the capacity to attend meetings or arrange virtual events for you whilst children have been at home and we’ve been undertaking more caring and home-schooling responsibilities.

Moving forward, we are working with Contact to develop a new Parent Carer Forum for Wandsworth. Contact will be arranging a workshop in the near future which will provide you all with the opportunity to have your say about how you want the new forum to represent you in the future. Importantly, it will provide an opportunity for new and additional steering group members to join the forum.

What we know for certain is that it is imperative that Parents and Carers have a voice in the design, development and implementation of SEND services so that we get the very best outcomes for our children and young people.

“ Individually we are a drop but together we are an ocean”

In the meantime, the Associate from Contact supporting Wandsworth is Catherine Ratcliffe who can be contacted at

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What is Wandsworth’s Local Offer ?

Last updated: 17 Jan 2022

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