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Paul's Cancer Support Centre

Formerly known as the Paul D'Auria Cancer Support, Paul's Cancer Support Centre is a registered charity that helps people in Wandsworth who are living with cancer, offering a range of support.

The centre works with people with cancer, their families and friends and health professionals.

Through a network of volunteers they offer a variety of supportive services, such as:

  • counselling;
  • befriending;
  • information, either face-to-face or on the phone;
  • massage;
  • yoga, an holistic system for creating harmony and balance on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual;
  • creative art therapy, helping people express themselves through art;
  • relaxation and visualisation, a complementary therapy offering a way for a person to use their imagination and will to help their health and well-being;
  • support groups; and 
  • home visits to housebound people and those who are terminally ill.

Use of some of these services require membership at the centre and for the user to have an initial interview which introduces the centre to them. To find out about becoming a member of the Centre, please call. They can also send you a membership form.

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First Floor
York Road
Clapham Junction
SW11 3QA
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Last updated: 04 Aug 2022