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WSCP Protocol for Young Runaways and Missing Children and Young People

Running away is when a child or young person chooses to leave home or care without permission.

The majority of young people who run away from home do so to avoid what's going on in their personal circumstances and usually see themselves as 'runaways' rather than 'missing' children or young people.

By running away they could put themselves in a lot of danger. Sleeping rough is in particular dangerous for young people. Below are just some of the examples of difficulties that they might face:

  • They could become a victim of street crime or get involved in committing crimes
  • Have increased health issues if they live rough
  • Find it hard to go home, as they might worry that they will be in trouble.

Visit WSCP (Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership)'s website below for more information.

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Last updated: 18 Jan 2022