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18+ Student Oyster photocard

If you're 18 or over, live at a London address during term time, in full-time education, or on a mandatory work placement in London, you may be eligible for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard and get 30% off the price of adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

To be eligible for this Oyster photocard you must be:

  • a student aged 18 or over;
  • living a a London address during term time; and
  • enrolled with participating school, college or university that's registered on the TfL scheme.

You must also be one of the following:

  • enrolled on a full-time course including at least 15 tuition-led and/or structured learning hours a week (with attendance at scheduled classes being Monday to Friday only and not including evening classes) over a minimum of 14 weeks on the same course;
  • receiving NHS bursary money as a full-time student;
  • a full-time postgraduate student (for example, studying or writing up for 15 hours or more a week);
  • a full-time student registered and studying on a higher education course with an education establishment not registered on the scheme, but on mandatory work placement in London for at least 14 weeks. You must still be under the pastoral care of your education establishment;
  • a sabbatical officer; or
  • enrolled on a part-time course lasting a period of at least 14 weeks and either be a part-time student receiving NHS bursary money or a part-time postgraduate student receiving financial help from your education establishment as part of their Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE) discretionary additional support (such as Student Opportunity allocation or Access to Learning Fund).

You can apply for the photocard online here. To do this you will need:

  • a colour, digital photo;
  • your student enrolment ID from your school, college or university;
  • a London address;
  • a valid debit or credit card to pay the £20 administration fee; and
  • an active, valid email address.

Visit the TfL website below for more information.

Please use TFL's contact form for any queries regarding Oyster cards: 

Who to contact


Last updated: 06 Oct 2022