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Self Care Coaching

Self Care Coaching by Free Your Mind looks at daily habits someone has, which have an affect on the quality of their life.

1.8 million children and young people across the UK are affected by domestic violence. 1 in 3 will have a mental health problem as a result of the trauma.

This can result in them making poor choices and decisions in their lives, from the friends they choose, to the things they eat and drink, the lifestyle choices they make, the way that they think and poor self image and we look at those things in detail working through those things to bring change.

Self care education and coaching works on all these areas to help these individuals learn to become leaders in their own lives to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing.

Teaching them how to implement self care into their lives empowers them. Self care is a long term teaching; once learned, it is something they will always go back to.

Self care gives them the facility and opportunity to create their own personal tool kit in sessions which they will be able to use to learn more about themselves and develop over time.

These sessions are for young people aged 15 - 25, and are for 1-to-1 support over a 12 week period.

Use the form under 'Downloads' to refer a young person.

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Founder and Managing Director
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Free Your Mind

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Sessions can be done in person or online (Skype)

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Sessions are available Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

Last updated: 09 Nov 2022