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Battersea Crime Prevention Panel

The Battersea Crime Prevention Panel has been organising trips, outings, and events for under-privileged young people since 1992, especially those living in the poorer and more deprived areas of Battersea and Balham. 

The Battersea Summer Scheme is a principal project of the Battersea Crime Prevention Panel.

Battersea Crime Prevention Panel was established for the general benefit of the public to:

  • promote the encouragement of greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime;
  • assist the police in measures designed to reduce the level of crime;
  • provide recreational and leisure time activities for young people, in the interest of crime prevention and social welfare; and
  • promote for the benefit of the public partnership with the Police and other organisations including the Council, the protection of people and property from, and the prevention of, criminal acts.

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Last updated: 02 May 2019